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Welcome! My name is Phil Leftwich. I'm a writer by inner persuasion, not always by choice. But most important I am a grain of sand in the great swirling body of life called humankind. I'm also a husband, father of three wonderful women who along with their mother make the world a more beautiful and loving place; a grandfather; and retired Presbyterian pastor.

I grew up in what was in those days a small town right outside Atlanta on the south side of the railroad tracks in Decatur, Georgia. My wife, Betty, sometimes reminds me that this was the "wrong side"of the depot. She's probably right. She grew up on the other side, though I wandered the woodlands and campuses of two highly respected Presbyterian institutions - Agnes Scott College and Columbia Theological Seminary. I am a Presbyterian by osmosis and a minister by calling. My family's roots in the heritage of the "two Johns," Calvin and Knox, took hold from an early age. I hold few regrets about either my choices, or the paths I've chosen to follow. Having divided 45+ years between serving parishes in Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee, and retiring in good standing withih the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee as its past Executive Presbyter- a fancy name for a "bishop" with little authority or power- life is good.

I live peacefully- most days- in the township of Franklin just south of Nashville. This is the place Betty and I call home even if we are an endangered species called "Democrats" who live blue in a very red state. Franklin is a place of deep heritage and charm that still has the feel of its legacy of 150 years as a confederate stronghold. The "Battle of Franklin" was a decisive victory for the Yankees, however, in one of the single bloodiest days of the Civil War. The pigeons that roost on the statue in the round-about in downtown also seem to  be from "up North" as they enjoy sunning themselves.

I'm also a curious person by nature. I'm drawn to change and have a hard time remaining the same, or followiung the status quo. I  love reading and writing. This helps explain in part my love of academia. Some never thought I would quit earning degrees. I have three of them: a BA from Oglethorpe University, and Masters of Divinity and Doctor in Ministry degrees from Columbia Theologiical Seminary.

I've been an adjunct college professor, a trained pastoral counselor, a hospice director, a small business owner of a career counseling service, the organizer of several non-profits, but always a full-time pastor.

I spend much of my time these days pondering the mysteries of life, writing, reflecting on the conditions of the world, and serving as the President of the of A Safe Place 2 Heal, a non-profit organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, which provides therapeutic and holistic healing to men and women who suffer from childhood sexual abuse. On the home page of this site you saw the cover of a book written with my friend, Vii Muarice, one of the men we've helped through recovery.

You will find many links within this site as it grows, and ways for you to express yourself. I enjoy hearing from readers and cultivating new friends. I also love and honor diversity. So I hope you will join me on this adventure and buy some books!

I hope you enjoy this site and will come back to visit. As we say in the south:

"Ya'll come back, ya hear."

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